surf1You want to take a stroll on water as you experience the beauty of nature; then you will have to ride the ‘water bicycle’. That is what surfing is all about.

Megan Megan
Are there special bicycles for surfing?


surfing7 surfing4Surfing is a sport as well as a recreational activity which allows participants to stand in the water where man cannot as they time a breaking wave or current so that they can ride the wave and exit it safely when a wave loses power. This means that the sport can be dangerous especially near shores or rocky places hence proper training and experience is critical when riding strong waves.

Levi Levi
This is worth a trial.

Gretchen Gretchen
This is not cycling brother.


surfing5The activity also involves paddling because when a surfer spots a wave, he/she will have to paddle to where it is so that he/she could ride it. At times surfers may be towed by boats to places where the waves are and left to surf. All in all, this is not an activity of the faint hearted. This is for the brave lions and lionesses who want to have real fun on the waters.

David David
What happened to those videos about surfing on this site?

Hector Hector
The site has not been operational for some time now. Probably they lost them.

Levi Levi
I think someone is recreating it back. Hope the folks will add some interesting videos.



Previously the site was established by two paddler who were located in the middle of no-where (Thunder Bay ON) and being enthusiasts in paddling and surfing they went to great lengths to post videos, content and links related to surfing and paddling activities about the major rivers surrounding their location. However, they abandoned the site in 2008 and I can’t tell why. I don’t know where they went but I must admit that they did a good job.

I grabbed this domain after expiry and decided to also post cool stuff about surfing and paddling, so be sure to bookmark this site and visit it from time to time to have a glimpse of the stuff.


Tyler Tyler
Just hope you don’t start selling surf board on this site.